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I'm a doer. I used to be a serial doer - and I would get very upset if I wasn't doing something. I think it came from my drive to "make it" in the world. Every moment of every day was an opportunity to be progressing and getting something done. Fast forward a few years of this attitude and I obviously burned myself out. It wasn't until I decided to take a month long road trip across California that I finally learned how to do nothing. I was staying with an old college friend of mine and it was a Saturday. I asked her, "What do you usually do on the weekend?" And she said, "Nothing." I gave her my best, confused face and asked, "How do you do that?"

That was the first time anyone had ever suggested to me, that we should do nothing. And that was also the first time it really sounded good. To have no plan, to just sit around and let my feelings guide me through the day. I don't think I had ever done that before. But man was it NICE.

That was almost 5 years ago. And today I'm truly understanding the importance of doing nothing as it relates to my life and business. I see that there's Action, Inaction, and Neutrality.

Action is doing, creating, making, thinking.

Inaction is choosing not to do.

Neutrality is just being. You're not acting or choosing not to act. You're choosing to wait, to be, and to see what happens. It's different from inaction because you haven't chosen to not act. You're still leaving inaction on the table as an option.

If Action = YES and Inaction = NO, then Neutrality is waiting to decide. Being patient while information is gathered, and letting the process play out. Its sort of like doing nothing - but has a conscious intention to wait and see.

You see, integrating this way of being in my life has been super helpful. Because it's not inaction. Inaction makes me feel like I'm not doing enough. But neutrality helps me to feel like I'm in control.

If inaction gives you anxiety, then give yourself the space to be neutral. Choosing neutrality puts you in control and gives you time to process and then progress.

Last week I needed to decide if I was going to keep doing my Meditate with Miinkay podcast. I've been busy and haven't had time to focus on it, but I really love meditation and still want to advocate for it. I decided to just wait and see if new information would pop up during the week to help me decide. A few days ago I got an alert from my podcast host that the show got up to 750 downloads! That helped me decide to keep the show going. I didn't need to do anything. I just let the show grow on its own and it keeps showing me that people are paying attention.

So if you're stuck on something, then choose to wait and see. If you have time, why not? You're in control of how much waiting you want to do. You don't have to always be doing. Just being you is good enough.

When Your Side Hustle Becomes Your Main Hustle with Maria of Bloom and Grow Radio

A few weeks ago, I interviewed one of my all time favorite podcasters - Maria Failla of Bloom and Grow Radio. Her shows have helped me become the plant parent I am today and it was a special treat to get to speak with her and learn how she built her business. Hint: It's just one step at a time with a little help from your intuition.


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I can get pretty impatient. Most days I wish I were farther ahead and into my dreams already. My private bodywork practice is going well. I'm getting a small stream of clients through networking and increasing referrals. I'm still podcasting with my Meditate with Miinkay show. I hope to one day have a successful online business and website with lots of educational information to help people with intuition and meditation. I know I'm meant to be a force for good in the mental and physical wellness space but it's always felt like there's a missing piece. And this is where the impatience come's in.

I often compare and get myself down, "I'm already 35. I should have my career figured out already." Or "I've worked so hard the past 5 years, I want to feel complete!" And "I feel like I'm still on the hamster wheel, figuring out what to do."

But I have to remind myself that growth takes the time it takes. There's no short cuts or magical wand to get me there fast. And actually each piece of my life has built on top of the last piece. As it should. As is normal.

The last two months, I've been looking into End of Life Doulas. It all started when my client told me she was looking into getting one, and she asked if I might recommend someone. I told her, "I've never heard of that but I can see how that would be really great." And I told her I'd ask around my network. Well I did that and it sent me down a rabbit hole of internet research and joining webinars to learn more. Pretty quickly, I asked myself, "Do I want to do this?" And the answer wasn't no. So I kept researching and am still researching. I'm meeting with a hospice on Friday to see how I might volunteer, and I'm speaking to some professionals in that space.

Some days I might find something new. Other days I won't have time. And each week I learn a bit more, but don't find my answer. Reflecting on the past two months I can see how this is just gonna take time. If I'm going to add this skill to my list of tools then I need to give myself the time it takes to build it. I can't expect to rocket myself there in a few months. Life just doesn't work that way.

Upon deeper introspection I know I'm afraid of running out of time. There are so many great things I could do, I just want to make sure I reach my fullest potential. But my coach had to remind me, that I am reaching my fullest potential and that running out of time is a hamster wheel idea. Once I get to where I want to be, then there will always be something else to reach for. Unless I'm patient with myself, then I will always feel like I'm running out of time.

If any part of my story resonated with you, then I'm here to tell you that you're not running out of time. Your timing is great no matter the pace. And your growth will take the time it takes. You're doing a good job.

Thanks for being here with me.


Center Space Relief - An Online Space for Healing

I started volunteering for Center Space Relief (CSR) last year and I just wanted to share. CSR is a group of practitioners who are volunteering to be of service through all different kinds of healing modalities. All proceeds fund a scholarship for our BIPOC community who want to study this kind of healing work.

All sessions are remote/distance healings and are discounted greatly at three tiers - $14, $28, or $56 per 1 hour session. Normally these sessions cost ~$100. If you've been looking to try distance healing for a really reasonable rate, then please check us out and sign up for a session. You can work with me or anyone of our community of amazing practitioners.

Thanks for the interest!

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I've been seeing a theme this past week. Me and my friends expecting what we make to be perfect the first time. But honestly - nothing is ever perfect the first time. We're just so conditioned to thinking that the prettiest or most amazing thing was done instantly with no effort at all. That's a total lie, which is hard to remember.

When I was a kid, my parents gave me piano lessons. I remember driving to multiple craigslist listings with my dad so that we could find a used piano for me to practice with. My mom would take me every Saturday and wait for me to finish. And when my first teacher moved away, mom found me another one. My parents wanted me to have this. And I loved it. I loved playing piano, creating music with my fingers, making a piano sing and feeling so connected to the music was like nothing else. Is like nothing else.

My goals were to just keep learning and playing songs. My dad's goals were for me to become a concert pianist. At the age of 10, I had no idea what it took to be one of those. But I tried to make my dad happy. It was near impossible though, because he expected me to play everything perfectly. He would criticize me when I make mistakes. He mocked me while I practiced. And it got to the point where I didn't want to practice because I became too self-conscious. So then I didn't get better and then my dad questioned whether or not it was worth it to spend the money on my lessons.

He wanted all my efforts to be perfect and sound amazing. And he taught me that if they weren't great in the beginning, it wasn't worth my time. But as I got older I learned the truth. That everyone sucks when they first start something. No one is perfect the first time they do something and if they're good it's because they've done something similar before.

Fast forward to now, I got myself a piano to pick it back up again and I find myself facing those old beliefs. That if I'm not good or don't sound good, then I shouldn't play. But I'm slowly trying to re-write those beliefs. Even if I suck, it's ok. My best is good enough. Even now, I still stop myself from playing because I don't think I'll sound good. I'm even afraid of sounding bad. I have to force myself to sit down, but I still love the piano. And I'm going to keep trying to re-write how I think - until I can sit down and just enjoy doing what I love to do.

Is there somewhere in your life that you expect perfection? Well I'm here to tell you, that your best is good enough. Seriously. You don't have to be perfect. You just have to do your best. And don't judge your best. Your best is great.


P.S. I'm happy to share that I got a part time gig doing corporate and group coaching for Share with me one of your recent wins! I'd love to hear from you.

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